6 Tony Award Opening Numbers We’re Swooning Over

Written by Ashleigh Gardner

June 7, 2017

The Tony Awards have always been a celebration of the biggest and best shows on the Great White Way, but let’s face it: the Tony Awards wouldn’t be the Tony Awards without those huge, fantastic opening numbers. We present the opening numbers from the last six Tony Awards (three of which just happen to have been hosted by heartthrob Neil Patrick Harris).

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2011 – Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

What can we say about teen heartthrob NPH? That he’s handsome? That he’s talented? That he’s hilarious? Well, yes. All of those things. In this number delivered with flawless comedic timing, NPH reminds us that Broadway is for everybody.

2012 – Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

Opening with the cast from 2011’s The Book of Mormon, 2012’s opening number reminds us why we love theatre. “What if life was more like theatre?”

2013 – Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

Opening with the set of Once and a jab at Shia LaBeouf, this opening number celebrates how huge the 2013 season actually was..

2014 – Hosted by Hugh Jackman

This Tony opener is weird and charming at once. Jackman is a seasoned theatre performer, and while this isn’t the usual song and dance number that NPH has done, it’s great to see the variety of performers backstage.

2015 – Hosted by Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming

Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming are Broadway legends, so how could we not include them on this list?

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