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The ultimate resource for performers! Search monologues, 32-bar audition cuts, full sheet music, and tips. We have what you need, when you need it.

What is your Return Policy?

If your order has been successfully downloaded and/or printed, we cannot refund your purchase due to the copyright restrictions and agreements we have with our publishers. Please contact our customer support department at support@PerformerStuff.com if your purchase was unsuccessful. We'll do our best to find a solution that meets your needs.

What is PerformerStuff.com?

We offer downloadable material to all registered users and a free blog and advice column where performers can find articles that inform, entertain, and inspire.

Do I need to buy a subscription?

No. We offer single-purchase products.

What can I buy?

Monologues ($3.99), Audition Cut Sheet Music PDFs ($3.99), Audition Cut Bundles ($5.99), and Full Sheet Music ($5.99)

How do I find a monologue or a piece of music?

Simply use our search bar on the top of the page. Select the type of product you are looking for from the drop down menu. Depending on the type of product you are looking for, you can select filters to narrow your search. Search titles, keywords, or tags.

Are the monologues from published plays?

We have monologues from both published and non-published plays. If the monologue is from a published play, you can click “Buy the Full Play Here!” You’ll be be directed to a site where you can purchase the full script.

Where can I buy the play that the monologue is from?

(See above.)

What is an Audition Cut?

An audition cut is a section of music that has been edited, or “cut” down, to feature the best 32-bars of that particular song. Every 32-bar cut is selected by one of our music directors.

What is an Audition Cut Bundle?

An audition cut bundle includes an audio track without vocals, an audio track with vocals, and a copy of the sheet music to match the track. All items are professionally recorded and transcribed by our in-house professional music producers.

Do I need to create an account to purchase a product?

Yes. Sign up here.

Why don’t you have some titles or tracks?

We are adding new material in batches to the site everyday. If you don't see a piece that you like, it may be uploaded in the near future. In the meantime, please use the Contact form to tell us what you’d like to see. We seek out content based on performer feedback and demand, so your requests are very important to us.

Can I request a particular title or track?

Yes! (See above.)

Is this legal?

Yes! We have established relationships with all of the publishers, individual playwrights, and music agencies featured on our site. When a product is purchased, the licensing fee goes to the appropriate party, whether it’s a publisher, a playwright, or an agent.

Why am I only allowed to download/print 2 copies?

Because our primary mission is to eliminate copyright infringement, we must limit the number of downloadable items when they are purchased. Unlimited downloads leads to playwrights and composers losing out on compensation for their intellectual property.

What do I do if I need another download/copy because of a technical glitch?

Send an email to support@PerformerStuff.com and explain what has happened. Our team will work with you to solve the problem.

Do you offer subscriptions for performing arts programs at academic institutions?

We are currently in the process of constructing a subscription plan of that nature. Please check back in the future for updates.

I am a published playwright. How can I put my material on your site?

Please use our Contact Form and tell us a little about yourself. Include your name, contact information, and a link to a website where your plays are featured, and a member of our team will contact you soon.

Pricing Details

We want you to know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase material from us. Below is an explanation of how we price our products. We hope you’ll find the product type that is right for you!

Monologue Icon

With every monologue, you will receive:

  • The full monologue
  • Character information, including name, gender, and age.
  • Information about the scene, the setting, and the play.
  • Any stage directions that the author has chosen to place within the monologue.

1 monologue for $3.99

Audition Cut Icon

With every audition cut purchase, you will receive:

  • A 32-bar cut of sheet music (an intro for your pianist is included).

1 audition cut for $3.99

Audition Cut Icon

With every audition cut bundle purchase, you will receive:

  • A 32-bar cut of sheet music (an intro for your pianist is included).
  • A professionally mixed MP3 piano track of the cut.
  • A professionally recorded vocal demo of the cut.

1 audition cut bundle for $5.99

Full Sheet Music Icon

With every full sheet music purchase, you will receive:

  • Sheet music for the entire song.

1 copy of full sheet music for $5.99