Top Ten 16-Bar Cuts for the Broadway Ballad Queen

Written by Alexandra Muscaro

October 17, 2017

The biggest ballads of Broadway have the power to wow in any audition, and our collection is stocked with the best of the best! Here are the top ten 16-bar cuts for the Broadway Ballad Queen.

10. “Somewhere That’s Green” – Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey is alone in her room thinking about what her life would be like if she left her abusive boyfriend and fell in love with her co-worker and unbelievably nice friend Seymour.

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9. “Breathe” – In The Heights

Nina has returned to her old New York neighborhood after college and begins to feel the extreme pressure her community is putting on her to succeed.

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8. “All That Matters Now” – Finding Neverland

Sylvia is now ready to put her past heartaches behind her and look towards the future. She is motivated to find happiness for herself and her family.

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7. “Pretty Funny” – Dogfight

Rose is not a conventionally pretty girl and has just been the victim of a very cruel prank. She thought that she was asked to a dance out of genuine interest, but soon finds out she is part of a contest to see who could find the ugliest date.

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6. “Woman” – Pirate Queen

Grace O’Malley wants to become a pirate, but because she is a woman, faces obstacles that no man would ever face. She begins to confront her father with reasons why she should follow her dreams.

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5. “Once Upon a December” – Anastasia the Musical

Upon finding an old music box and opening it, Anya is flooded with mysterious memories of her past.

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4. “Unusual Way” – Nine

Claudia despite her hardest attempts has fallen in love with a married movie director. She admits that she loves him, but can no longer let this love control her.

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3. “I’m Done” – Rocky

Adrian has had enough of her abusive brother. She has finally found the strength within her to confront her brother and to demand the respect that she deserves.

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2. “With You” – Ghost

The love of Molly’s life has just been murdered. She feels utterly heartbroken and lost. Molly wonders how she is supposed to live.

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Alexandra Muscaro is from Tampa, Florida, and moved to New York to follow her dreams. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts with a dual concentration in Performance as well as Theatre History and Performance Texts with a Minor in Musical Theatre at Marymount Manhattan College. When she’s not rehearsing, dramaturging a developing play, or studying for theatre history, you will find her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art…specifically the Egyptian exhibit. Or check your local coffee shop and you may find her with her nose in a book. You can visit her website at
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