7 Quick Halloween Costumes Using Stage Makeup

Written by Ella Embry

October 3, 2017

Going to a Halloween party soon but don’t have enough time to plan out a costume? Here are 7 Halloween costumes that you can make using only the stage makeup you already own!

1. Creepy Clown

Don’t worry if you don’t have any purple or pink — use blue, green, red, orange, whatever you have to make it your own!

2. Deer

Big Harry Potter fan? If you try this look using blue or white instead of brown then you’ve turned yourself into Harry Potter’s patronus.

3. Creepy Doll

Try adding some cracks and blood to make it even creepier!

4. Galaxy

Why not try mapping your zodiac sign on your cheeks and eyes for an even more detailed look?

5. Dripping Skull

This tutorial is absolutely perfect if you have extra latex left over from your last show!

6. Vampire

Everyone wants to be the Queen of the Night — pair this with a black dress and a goblet of blood and you’re it.

Ella Embry is currently a senior, honors student at the University of Southern Mississippi pursing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance. She is an actor, a playwright, and a Contributing Writer for PerformerStuff.com