9 Unique Ways to Grab Your Theatre Classes Attention

Written by Tiffany Wilkie


Are you a busy theatre teacher who needs some helpful tips to grab an energetic theatre class’s attention? Look no further than this list of reliable “listen and respond” techniques

1.  Clap if You’re Listening

Depending on the class, this technique can take up to three claps to get a busy classes attention.

Teacher: “Clap once (twice, three times), if you’re listening.”

Class: <Clap(s)>

2. Stop Collaborate and Listen

This fun technique uses 90s hip-hop classic “Ice Ice Baby” to grab the student’s attention.

Teacher: “Stop-”

Students: “Collaborate and listen!”

3. And a hush fell over the crowd… “hush!!!”

A pleasant technique to quickly quiet a class.

Teacher: “And a hush fell over the crowd…”

Students: “Hush!”

4.  “Hold!” “Holding.”

Use this direct call for a fast response.

Teacher: “Hold!”

Students: “Holding!”

5. Focus Melon

This silly method works like this, the teacher calls out the words “focus melon,” and then the students pretend to hold melon and stare at it. Works. Every. Time.

Teacher: “Focus Melon!”

Students: <pretend to hold and focus on a melon>

6. Squirrel!

This crazy technique works like this, the teacher calls out the word “squirrel,” and then the students look to see where the teacher is.

Teacher: “Squirrel!”

Students: “Where?”

Teacher” “Here!”

7. We Are on the Air in…

A throwback to the days of radio, the teacher calls out “we are on the air in…” and then the students return the call until “and we are back!”

Teacher: “We are on the air in…!”

Students: “5… 4… 3… 2… 1…!”

Teacher” “And we’re back!”

8. Places!

A routine that works on and off stage, the teacher calls out the word “places” and students call back and pay attention.

Teacher: “Places!

Students: “Thank you, places!”

Tiffany Wilkie is the Director of Content, Social Media, and Theatricals for PerformerStuff.com. She also works as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.