10 College Programs that Won’t Break the Bank

Written by Michelle Evans

December 20, 2017

With the tuition of most top performing arts school averaging $40,000 to $65,000 a year, it can feel like there is no way you can get that performing arts degree you are dreaming of without overwhelming student debt. Well, have no fear! Below is a list of 10 AMAZING performing arts college programs that have tuitions that average below $35,000 as well as offer degrees that will set you up for the future you desire!

*This information is based on Out of State tuition rates

1. University of Alabama – Birmingham

Located right in the middle of downtown Birmingham, this school offers the urban feel with without the urban price tag.

Degrees Offered: BFA in Musical Theatre, BA with emphasis in Performance, Design/Technology or General Studies

Website here.

2. Wisconsin – Stevens Point

Voted one of the Best Colleges by US News, this program has something to offer for everyone!

Degrees Offered: BFA in Acting, Design/Technology or  Musical Theatre, BA in Dance or Drama

Website here.

3. Wright State University

WSU is home to the Musical Theatre Initiative as well as the Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures. If you want to be stretched to the creative limits WSU is the place for you!

Degrees Offered: BFA in Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance, Design/Technology or Motion Picture Production

Website here.

4. Missouri State University

Beyond the amazing training, this program offers many student opportunities besides departmental production and classes. They are set on helping their students get the hands on training they need while in college!

Degrees Offered: BFA in Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre or Design/Technology/Stage Management

Website here.

5. Western Carolina

Western Carolina Stage and Screen department is one of the few collegiate programs that seamlessly integrate Film, Technology and Theatre. Students will be exposed to all aspects of what the entrainment business has to offer.

Degrees Offered: BFA in Film & Television Production, Musical Theatre or Theatre Studies (concentration in Acting or Minor in Dance options), BA Stage and Screen

Website here.

6. Coastal Carolina University

Who wouldn’t want to go to college at the beach! Just miles away from Myrtle Beach, SC the CCU theatre department has a terrific Acting and Musical Theatre degree as well as a unique Physical Theatre degree with the option of studying in Italy!

Degrees Offered: BFA in Acting, Musical Theatre, Physical Theatre or Design & Technology, BA in Theatre

Website here.

7. University of Oklahoma

OU has been delivering quality performing arts training for the past 90 years, making it the 2nd oldest dramatic arts training program in the country.

Degree: BFA in Acting, Musical Theatre, Dramaturgy, Stage Management, Design or Dance

Website here.

8. Ohio Northern University

While Ohio Northern offers top notch degrees in every area of study, their International Theatre Production BFA is unique and allows students to learn and take their craft beyond the United States.

Degrees: BFA in Musical Theatre or International Theatre Production, BA in Theatre, Minor in Dance or Arts Administration

Website here.

9. Montclair

Just a stones throw away from Manhattan, Montclair offers students a well rounded education in all arts related fields. To top it all off their dance department is rated #5 in the nation!

Degrees: BFA in Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance or Production and Design, BA in Theatre Studies or Dance, Minor in Dance or Musical Theatre

Website here.

10. University of Illinois at Chicago

Get the experience of studying what you love in one the biggest Theatre cities on the country.

Degrees: BFA in Acting, BA Theatre Performance or BA Theatre Design, Production, & Technology

Website here.

Even those these schools come with a lower price tag, college is still not cheap when you add in things like room and board and other cost. Remember that there are also academic and talent scholarships and some of the college programs offer in-state tuition for certain specific performing arts degrees. So, now that you know going to college doesn’t have to break the bank you can start making your list and getting ready for those college applications and auditions!

Need some advice? We’ve got you covered.

Michelle J. Evans is a sought after private acting and college audition coach based out of the Atlanta area. She has had a long career as a performer, director and instructor and is currently on staff with The Performer’s Warehouse. Michelle spends most of her time to training high school and college aged performers on how to have successful careers in the performing arts. You can find out more about her and upcoming projects at www.michellejevans.com.