Steamy Speeches to Say Hello to Summer

Written by Amanda Grace

July 19th, 2021

The coming of summer can get the coolest of us a little hot under the collar. Quench your thirst with these monologues about the sultry, the savory, and sealing the deal.

From Push Up by Roland Schimmelpfennig, translated by Maja Zade

(Male, Dramatic, Adults 30-40s)

Robert and Patrizia have shared an office-space tryst, but both assume their moment of passion was simply a fling to the other, and so are hell-bent on destroying the other using an upcoming advertising campaign as ammunition. Here, Robert recalls how it all went down, from the first time he smelled her.

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From Eterna Sonrisa by Kim Yaged

(Female, Dramatic, Adults 30-40s)

The NYC art scene: Romy Coto is an unconventional type of sexy. Men want to sleep with her so long as marriage is off the table. Women almost want to be her… but then think better of it.

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From Shimmer by David-Matthew Barnes

(Male, Dramatic, Young Adults 20s)

Suburban housewife Claudia Veramonte shares a profound, if flirtatious, conversation with Tito Benavides, the man who clans her pool. Tito shares how insulting the objectification that accompanies his career is.

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From Broken Moon by Jennie S. Redling

(Female, Dramatic, Adults 30-40s)

Two women sit in a waiting room. Pauline is cool as a cucumber; Lila, on the other hand, is losing her chill. It turns out the baby she’s carrying belongs not to her husband, but a complete stranger.

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BLANK GAY PROFILE by Asher Wyndham

(Male, Serio-Comic, Adults 30-40s)

Late at night, Blank Gay Profile guy attempts to make a sexy photo album for a hookup app in spite of his insecurities.

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From Hanging Women by Donna Spector

(Female, Dramatic, Adults 30-40s)

Alicia and her daughters have had a banquet waiting for their family patriarch’s return every night for the last ten years. Alicia’s not setting the table anymore—she’s plotting her husband’s murder, even as she looks back with longing on their sultry beginnings.

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From Married Not Buried by Lew Riley

(Male, Comedic, Adults 30-40s)

George and Claire are meant to be swinging with the Devereaux couple… but George seems to be having less success than his wife.

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From a sex thing by Kati Frazier

(Female, Dramatic, Young Adults 20s, Adults 30-40s)

Sometimes, pain can be pleasurable. It’s taken a while, but Alice has grown to love her masochist desires.

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From The Prop Master by Rob Gruen

(Male, Dramatic, Mature 50s)

After taking generous bumps of cocaine during a consultation, Sigmund Freud enters a hallucination starring the goddess Psyche and his patient Lanzier.

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Amanda Grace is an actor, writer, composer, improvisor and director whose work has graced stages from  Central Florida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is based in London, where she is studying to obtain her M.F.A. in Actor & Performer Training at Rose Bruford College. Amanda holds an honours B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Shakespearean Performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her original albums can be streamed at
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