New Year, New Me: 10 Monologues for a Fresh Start

Written by Amanda Grace

Out with the old; out, and into the garbage, and into a dumpster, and set on fire. If you need some new beginnings to kickstart your acting endeavors, look no further!

From Love for Sale by Bianca Sams

(Female, Dramatic, Adults 30-40s, Mature 50s)

Sometimes new beginnings are given to us by generous others—others like Madeline, who, having no place for her love now her husband has passed, is seeking to sell it off to someone who can put it to use.

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From New by Crystal Skillman

(Male, Comedic High School 14-18)

All actors know theatre changes lives. Marcus has just experienced this power for the first time, and he’s getting some big ideas for his future… courtesy of Stanislavski.

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From All My Distances Are Far by Leda Siskind

(Male, Dramatic, High School 14-18)

Mateo, once an honors student, is now failing his classes, and resolutely refuses to discuss the bruising he’s sported to class with his high school therapist. He doesn’t intend to start telling the truth, but he does.

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From it felt empty when the heart went at first but it is alright now by Lucy Kirkwood

(Female, Dramatic, College 18-22, Young Adults 20s)

Dijana only needs thirty more pounds to make up the £20,000 she owes her pimp Babac in exchange for her passport and freedom. She’s about to earn it.

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From First Love by Scot Walker

(Male, Dramatic, College 18-22, Young Adults 20s, Adults 30-40s, Mature 50s)

Over time, beginnings become memories, too. Now, in 1958, Henry shares with us the first moment he realized he “was not alone” as a teenager.

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From Unknown by Alexis Clements

(Female, Dramatic, Mature 50s)

Having just started a new chapter in a new city, Sydney wasn’t expecting to start loving someone—but the welcome committee was just so sweet.

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 From The Grown Up by Janet Milstein

(Male, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13)

Matthew is a new man for the very first time, and he’s been taking notes from his father on all the important manly things, like shaving one’s mustache.

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From Better Places to Go by David-Matthew Barnes

(Female, Dramatic, High School 14-18)

15, pregnant, and recently disowned, Linda has also just made the incredibly brash and brave choice to get out of the 38-year-old father’s car and run.

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From SHUNNED by Larry Parr

(Male, Dramatic, High School 14-18, College 18-22, Young Adults 20s)

Levi has been forbidden to go to New York on Rumspringa after discovering the existence of theatre delivering produce. Well, he’s going anyway!

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Amanda Grace is an actor, writer, composer, improvisor and director whose work has graced stages from  Central Florida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is based in London, where she is studying to obtain her M.F.A. in Actor & Performer Training at Rose Bruford College. Amanda holds an honours B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Shakespearean Performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her original albums can be streamed at
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