Monologues for Carefree Kids

Written by Amanda Grace

July 28th, 2021

For all you kid actors looking to land the next role in the school play, PerformerStuff’s got you covered! Here are ten youth monologues to make the most of your self-expression.

Freedom by Douglas M. Parker

(Any Gender, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18)

The pigeon is one of the sole remaining creatures that has yet to be domesticated. This pigeon is riding high on its own freedom.

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The Yard Sale by Scot Walker

(Female, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18)

Young Sigourney Weaver aspires to make the famous actress envy her when she wins her own Oscar. Here, she walks us through mementos of her budding career, all on sale from her driveway.

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Forgiveness and Defeat at a Pokémon Gym by Tara Meddaugh

(Male, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18, College 18-22)

A Stop & Shop parking lot. Midnight. Evie, Benjamin’s probably-crush, is furious that he has (unknowingly) defeated the Pokémon gym belonging to her team. Benjamin pleads his case.

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Sprouting Legs by R.J. Ryland

(Any Gender, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13)

A spider has wandered into a child’s room to make a home inside the massive garbage pile on the floor. The child explains—from the top of their bed—that one doesn’t simply move into another person’s home… even if it looks like a dump.

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Basketball Therapy by Gabriel Davis

(Male, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13)

His mom and sister think he needs therapy, but this kid is keeping his late and greatest basketball icon close to his heart with his love for the sport.

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From The Secret Garden by Gary Peterson

(Female, Dramatic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18)

Mary has found a key leading into a dormant garden which she is bringing back to life. But her discoveries are just beginning… she can hear crying coming from behind a wall tapestry!

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The Star Chart by Janet Milstein

(Female, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13)

Jenna’s mom made a chart for Jenna to decorate with star stickers when she does her chores. Jenna isn’t feeling her chores tonight—but can she trick her younger sister into doing them in her place?

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From The Bluebird Prince by Evan Guilford-Blake

(Any Gender, Comedic, Any Age)

Half-Enchanter, half-Genie Bellspinder is desperately trying to reverse a curse placed upon the prince… he just might not be skilled enough.

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Rooms by Douglas M. Parker

(Any Gender, Dramatic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18)

Strange dreams of an unknown door opening into a beautiful and mysterious room have shaken up a kid’s world.

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Amanda Grace is an actor, writer, composer, improvisor and director whose work has graced stages from  Central Florida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is based in London, where she is studying to obtain her M.F.A. in Actor & Performer Training at Rose Bruford College. Amanda holds an honours B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Shakespearean Performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her original albums can be streamed at
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