The 15 Kinds of Theatre People We All Know

Written by Rob Ward

October 26, 2015

1. The Name Dropper

2. The Ego-Maniac

3. The Drama Queen

4. The Constant Critic

5. The Stage Manager on a Power Trip

6. The Way-Too-Into-It Method Actor

7. The One Who Hooks Up With The Entire Cast

8. The Crazy Director

9. The Singer / Actor Constantly Doing Weird Warm-Ups

10. The “Experimental” Choreographer

11. The Actor Who’s a Little TOO Comfortable In the Dressing Room

12. The Super-Intense Stage Mom

13. The Audience Member Who Forgot To Turn Off Their Cell Phone

14. The Audience Member Who Talks Through the Whole Show

15. The One Who Won’t Be Invited To Any More Cast Parties

Rob Ward is a freelance show writer and director and a resident improv performer and instructor at Orlando’s SAK Comedy Lab.
Thumbnail image from Saturday Night Live. Copyright © NBC 2012.