The Ten Commandments for Actors

Written by Rob Ward

September 21, 2016

I. Thou Shalt Learn to Cry on Command.

II. Thou Shalt Make Big Bold Choices on Stage.

III. Thou Shalt Always Say, “Break a Leg,” And Never Say, “Good Luck.”

IV. Thou Shalt Be On Time … Whenst Thou art Early, Thou art On Time, Whenst Thou art On Time, Though art Late.

V. Honor thy Director and Thy Stage Manager.

VI. Thou Shalt NOT Chew Gum on Stage.

VII. Thou Shalt Not Eat in The Theatre.

VIII. Thou Shalt Respect All Props, Costumes, and Wigs.

IX. Thou Shalt Never Speak the Name “Macbeth” in the Theatre.

X. Thou Shalt Love and Care For Thy Theatre Squad.

Rob Ward is a freelance show writer and director and a resident improv performer and instructor at Orlando’s SAK Comedy Lab.
Thumbnail image from Ghostbusters. Photo copyright Columbia Pictures 2016.