6 Immersive Experiences That Will Change How You Think Of Theatre

Written by Andy Haynes

July 8, 2017

New generations of artists are constantly redefining what “theater” means. From in-your-face dance/paint explosions to interactive experiences that will leave you breathless, check out these six examples of experiences that are pushing the boundaries of theater as we know it.

1. The Blue Man Group

The world famous Blue Man Group truly redefined what it meant to immerse the audience. Sometimes quite literally! Their shows shattered the fourth wall by filling the theater with music, paper, bubbles, confetti and the performers themselves.

2. Sleep No More

In an abandoned hotel in New York, the story of Macbeth comes alive like never before in Sleep No More. As actors move from room to room through the hotel, audience members are to go where they want and see sides of the story that no one else does.


In a grungy bar behind a Denny’s awaits the DRIP. DRIP is a performance art show that tells a story of love and loss with dancers, flying paint, and a live band. The whole venue is a splash zone as the story unfolds all around the audience. By the end, everyone is so covered in paint that it can be hard to tell audience from actors!

4. When Shadows Fall

When Shadows Fall was billed as a truly interactive experience with audience members actually participating in the story. Running through an elaborated decorated warehouse and interacting with actors, guests could change the outcome of the show each night based on the choices they made.

5. The Vault of Souls

The Vault of Souls takes place in an actual (supposedly haunted) bank vault from the 1920’s. Audience members mingle with performers upstairs before moving into the vault and encountering the ghosts therein! Downstairs, you’re free to explore as much or as little as you want, uncovering new secrets around every corner.

6. Halloween Horror Nights – The Repository

Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is already an incredibly immersive experience, using extravagant sets, live actors, and special effects to scare you. This past year, they amped it up a notch with “The Repository” which combined live actors and sets with virtual reality immerse you more than ever before!

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Andy Haynes is an award winning and published playwright, journalist, and creative writer for themed attractions. He has spent his whole life in the theater, working for both community and professional theaters as well as theme parks such as Disney and Universal. He’s an avid gamer and proud cat owner.
Thumbnail image from www.ILoveDrip.com.