10 Speeches for Diving Into Summer

Written by Amanda Grace

May 30th, 2021

The sun is coming out, the weather is getting warmer, and summer is almost here! Beach days, holidays, and far-fetched getaways abound in these monologues.

From A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

(Any Gender, Comedic, Any Age)

The fairy king, Oberon, has just ordered Puck to spy on the fairy queen, Titania. Along the way on his mission, Puck runs into one of Titania’s fairies, and gives this playful response regarding whence he comes.

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From Priscilla’s Perfect Day by Diana Martin & Richard Levinson

(Female, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18)

Priscilla reads us the essay she wrote about summer vacation. Usually, summers are full of typical seaside activities at Great-Great Aunt Phoebe’s Maine cottage—but this summer, Priscilla’s preparing for the school art show in September.

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From Nine Point Eight Meters per Second per Second by Pete Barry

(Male, Comedic, Adults 30-40s, Mature 50s)

Balthazar Kent was en route from rainy London to have some fun in the sun in Los Angeles… but he’s just been ejected from the plane. What to do while plummeting to the ground? Call customer service, of course.

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From bedbound by Enda Walsh

(Female, Dramatic, College 18-22, Young Adults 20s)

A man’s daughter speaks aloud about the day she contracted polio to banish the silence in her head. It began with a yellow polka-dot bikini.

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From White Suits in Summer by Rosary O’Neill

(Male, Dramatic, Young Adults 20s)

Blaise Salatich, an out-of-work actor, is newly married to an heiress. Unfortunately, he’s in love with his ex-girlfriend, whom he speaks to here on the gallery of his wife’s mansion in New Orleans.

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From Cutting Remarks by Barbara Lhota

(Female, Comedic, Young Adults 20s)

Candie is fed up with teaching kindergarten, and getting summers off just isn’t making up for it. Flipping through a magazine at Curl Up and Die, she finally explodes.

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Adventure by Douglas M. Parker

(Any Gender, Comedic, Kids & Juniors 5-13, High School 14-18)

The child of an anthropologist presents a slideshow of their extreme misadventures in South America.

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From Shining Sea by Jonathan Dorf

(Female, Dramatic, Adults 30-40s)

Pac asks Violet to tell him the story of when she saw the Pacific ocean… again. She used to be a waitress in Las Vegas, and once hitchhiked to Venice Beach. Violet is growing tired of remembering, but Pac’s never seen the ocean, and is dying to reach it.

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From Camp Rolling Hills by Adam Spiegel, David Spiegel & Stacy Davidowitz

(Female, Serio-Comic, Kids & Juniors 5-13)

When sleepaway-camp rookie Smelly tells Slimey, who lost her father last summer, that his parents sent him away because they are in the process of getting a divorce, Slimey tries to put a positive spin on his situation.

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Amanda Grace is an actor, writer, composer, improvisor and director whose work has graced stages from  Central Florida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is based in London, where she is studying to obtain her M.F.A. in Actor & Performer Training at Rose Bruford College. Amanda holds an honours B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Shakespearean Performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her original albums can be streamed at amandagrace.bandcamp.com.
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