10 Simple Pleasures You Get From Theatre

Written by Zachary Rivera

September 14, 2017

From trying on your costume, to seeing the curtain rise, there are many things in theatre that just make you feel happy. Moments like these are exclusive to doing theatre. Cherish these one of a kind moments because they only come on a show to show basis!

1. Taking your bow on opening night

When you take your bow on opening night, it’s one of the best feelings! Hearing the audience clap and the exit music play while finally being able to relax a little is absolutely incomparable.

2. Trying on your costume for the first time

When you try on your costume for the first time, you finally are able to really feel like your character. The more elaborate the better! You’ll never want to take it off!

3. When the curtain rises

Pre-show announcements have just finished, and you and the other cast members are impatiently waiting for the curtain to rise and the show to begin. Just watching it rise is a huge rush of adrenaline and happiness!

4. When you get recognized in public

When you’re out and about and suddenly someone recognizes you from that one show they saw. Once this happens, your head will be in the clouds for the rest of the day!

5. The feeling of stage lights

When you first step on stage and the lights come up, there is just something about the crisp warmth of the stage lights that are oh-so-welcoming. Nothing is more comforting!

6. Seeing the set for the first time

When you first see the set design for the show, you get your mind blown! You finally have a setting! You can finally see yourself and your character in this world!

7. Your first day off from rehearsals

Of course you love working on the show, but there will be a few days where everything falls into place: A day off. Although it feels a bit weird, cherish the days off! Sleep! Take care of yourself!

8. Getting a mic

When you first find out you will be wearing a microphone for your role, you’ll feel something like this. Sure, you can project like a pro, and diction is a weapon at your arsenal, but getting a microphone is a weird mixture of celebration and absolute joy.

9. Getting out of costume after the show

Of course, when you try on your costume for the first time, it’s absolutely wonderful, but when you change into regular clothes after the show it is wildly relaxing. Out of this world even.

10. Sleeping after opening night

You get home opening night, and the rush of the show starts to wear off. You finally think of how much work you’ve done. Not just for the performance, but for months of rehearsals! You can let go a little. As soon as you start, you’re already passed out until tomorrow afternoon.

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Zachary Rivera is an actor and previous high school thespian in Central Florida. He is currently attending Daytona State College on a theatre focus track to attain his A.A. He plans to transfer to a Musical Theatre BFA Program and continue his career on stage.

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