What Actors are Really Thinking During a Show

Written by Zachary Rivera

March 1, 2018

If you’re an actor, you know.

1. When they slay a high note

You know the feeling. You just belted the show-stopping note, and when you walk offstage you feel like you can do ANYTHING.

2. When they think their costume might’ve ripped

Terrifying. That’s all that needs to be said.

3. When they forget a line

Another terrifying feeling for an actor. Forgetting a line is an earth-shattering event every actor knows, and nobody wants to experience.

4. When they think the director is watching

You look out into the audience, and you lock eyes with them. The director. Did they just see that stumble? Do they like the choice you made? Who knows, but they are always watching!

5. When they hear an audience member laugh at a joke they say

They may be someone you’ve never met, but the joke you made and the laugh they had connected you. You feel like the coolest person on stage!

6. Before they make their entrance

It’s something that makes every actor a little nervous: Making their first entrance. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and scary (in a good way)!

7. When they’re running late during their quick change


8. When they take their bow

It’s happy and everyone is feeling great, but you can’t deny it. You’re tired. You just danced your butt off, and the show is over. It’s time to SLEEP.

9. When they see their family in the audience

Say hi! They’re the ones taking pictures and pointing at you!

Zachary Rivera is an actor and previous high school thespian in Central Florida. He is currently attending Daytona State College on a theatre focus track to attain his A.A. He plans to transfer to a Musical Theatre BFA Program and continue his career on stage.