Top 10 Things To Help Post-Show Blues

Written by Ella Embry

February 16, 2020

Now that you’ve finished one show and auditions for the next are over. What do you do?!! You can wallow until rehearsals start up again, but surely there’s something that can help through this trying time? Here’s a list of all the things that can alleviate those post-show blues!

A Proper Cast Party

It doesn’t have to be huge – but having a proper cast party/dinner/gathering with everyone involved will help you say goodbye.

The Full Sound Track

If you’ve just closed a musical, you’re gonna need to listen to the full soundtrack on repeat for at least a week to fill the void cling to those beautiful moments for just a little bit longer.

A Few Days to Rest

You just finished something amazing! Give both your body and brain a little bit of time to rest and recharge.

Some Comfort Food

It’s never a good idea to gorge yourself, but having your favorite snack handy can be a good way to treat yo’ self after working so hard.

A Show to Binge

Having a show to watch and help take your mind off of how much you miss being on stage, even if it is just The Office for the 17th time again.

Exploring Outside 

It sounds crazy – but after weeks under stage lights, it’s time to get some sunshine! Weather permitting, take a walk or hike to get some much-needed fresh air.

Some Quality Time with Loved Ones

You know – the ones you blew off several times for rehearsal? Now it’s time to give them the attention they’ve been asking for finally.

A Good Book/Video Game

Now that you have the time, you can finally get to the new ones you just bought! You know… the ones that have been staring at you… waiting unopened… for months now.

A Volunteer Opportunity

If it’s going to be a while before your next show, try filling that time will volunteer work. It’ll look great on resumes and make you feel great to give back!

Ella Embry is currently a senior, honors student at the University of Southern Mississippi pursing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance. She is an actor, a playwright, and a Contributing Writer for
Photo Credit: Photo by Ali Müftüoğulları on Unsplash