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Top 10 Emotional Audition Cuts for Men: Love

Written by Andrea Canny

June 26, 2017

Hey, guys! Looking for an audition cut for your next audition that shows your amorous side? We’ve got ten that are perfect for you.

“I Am The One” from Next To Normal

Many layers of emotion are piled into yet another highly charged song from Next to Normal for the male actor.

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“Nobody Needs To Know” from The Last Five Years

As Jamie lies in bed with a woman other than his wife, he goes through the gamut of emotions that led him there and debates where his life will go next.

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“If I Can’t Love Her” from Beauty & the Beast

Trapped under the sorceress’ spell and now in love with Belle, the Beast realizes the depth of that love and proclaims he’d rather the world be done with him than not be able to love her.

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“Beautiful City” from Godspell

Out of struggle, one ray of hope can lead us to a place of unity and love.

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“Radames’ Letter” from Aida

Apologizing to someone you love is difficult enough, but try it with someone you’re not supposed to love.

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“It All Fades Away” from Bridges of Madison County

That moment when a man realizes that every exciting place and adventure he’s experienced will never compare to the four days of love he shared with a woman that wasn’t his to love…

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“I’m Allergic To Cats” from The Theory of Relativity

This character describes how much physical pain he’s willing to endure because of his severe allergy to the cats his love adores, whilst asking for her father’s approval for marriage.

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“Shiksa Goddess” from The Last Five Years

He’s tried dating every Jewish girl he knows, but now Jamie’s finally found home in this new love of his, his Shiksa goddess.

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“I Love Betsy” from Honeymoon in Vegas

In this song the main character proclaims his undying love for Betsy and his desire to marry her, despite his mother’s promise to haunt him from the grave if he ever married.

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Andrea Canny is a professional entertainer (31 years), writer, director, producer, studio vocalist, vocal performance/cabaret coach, adjudicator as well as cabaret artist who is currently writing a book on integrity in the entertainment business.
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