Ten Other Careers Your Theatre Degree is Perfect For

Written by Andy Haynes

July 19, 2017

“You’ll never make any money!” It’s a phrase that’s been uttered by millions of parents when their sons or daughters tell them they want to get a degree in theatre. The money isn’t why we do it, of course. (We do it because we love it!) But, even if theatre doesn’t work out, the skills you’ll learn pursuing it can prepare you for a wide range of jobs!

1. Sales

Sales requires one thing above all else: confidence. And nothing instills more confidence than a cheering crowd after a successful performance on stage!

2. Marketing

How do you connect with an audience? How do you make them feel a certain way? Theater can teach you those skills and in marketing you’ll use them every single day!

3. Writer

To be a great writer, you have to be constantly reading. Over the course of your studies, you’ll read hundreds of plays by some of the world’s greatest playwrights. You’ll learn what makes their writing compelling and how to apply it to your own work.

4. Teacher

Many a performer has gone on to teach after leaving the profession. There will always be someone new wanting to learn what you know!

5. Public Relations

Ability to engage with total strangers: Check. Passion for communicating messages: Check. Knowing how people will react to what you say and do: Check! Yeah, you’re ready for a career in public relations.

6. Journalist

As an actor you’ll learn to find the truth in the world, because, to paraphrase Hamlet, your acting should “hold a mirror up to nature.” Finding the truth and showing the world is basically the entire job description of a journalist!

7. Historian

To accurately a portray a character, you’ll need to actively research the time in which they live. This includes learning customs, culture, fashion, politics and much more about a specific era. Basically, the job description of a historian.

8. Law

While it will require a little more schooling, your ability to speak publicly with passion, memorize large amounts of information, and your lack of stage fright put you well on your way to success as a lawyer.

9. Construction

Don’t forget the skills you learn in technical theater! Learning how to build a set is great stepping stone into full scale construction.

Andy Haynes is an award winning and published playwright, journalist, and creative writer for themed attractions. He has spent his whole life in the theater, working for both community and professional theaters as well as theme parks such as Disney and Universal. He’s an avid gamer and proud cat owner.