Perfect Pairings: The Top 5 Contrasting Combinations for Your College Audition

Written by Alexandra Muscaro

October 24, 2017

Finding the perfect contrasting songs for an audition is one of the most stressful tasks a performer faces. Lucky for you, we have compiled the perfect pairings sure to make you stand out in that audition!

1.  “Gorgeous” from The Apple Tree and “In A Very Unusual Way” from Nine

Not only is this pairing a big belt song with a light soprano song, but it is pairing a Golden Age song with a Contemporary song. Most schools will ask for either one of these requirements, and this pairing achieves both in a perfect way! Get the music here:

“Gorgeous” from The Apple Tree

“In A Very Unusual Way” from Nine

2. “Off With Their Heads” from Wonderland and “Raining” from Rocky

This pairing showcases strong contrasting acting choices while also staying in the perfect range for a true mezzo. The first song is an up-tempo brass belt while the second is a heart-breaking ballad. Get the music here:

“Off With Their Heads” from Wonderland

“Raining” from Rocky

3. “When He Sees Me” from Waitress and “Love, Look Away” from Flower Drum Song

This pairing is a Golden Age/Contemporary contrast. The first song is an up-tempo flighty song, while the second is a more grounded Golden Age ballad. Get the music here:

“When He Sees Me” from Waitress

“Love, Look Away” from Flower Drum Song

4. “Why Can’t You Behave” from Kiss Me, Kate and “Will You” from Grey Gardens

This pairing is a unique Golden Age/Contemporary contrast. The first song, while it is Golden Age, is in more of a mezzo up-tempo place, and the second song is a Contemporary soprano ballad. Usually, the Golden Age song is going to be soprano and the contemporary is going to be the belt, thus making this pairing a refreshing change. Get the music here:

“Why Can’t You Behave” from Kiss Me, Kate

“Will You” from Grey Gardens

5. “Inside Out” from A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and “Someone to Watch Over Me” from Nice Work If You Can Get It

This pairing is made with the soprano voice in mind. Even though both songs are soprano songs, they contrast in tempo and genre. The first is an up-tempo Contemporary and the second is a Golden Age ballad. Get the music here:

“Inside Out” from A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

“Someone to Watch Over Me” from Nice Work If You Can Get It

Listen to a Spotify Playlist of these songs here:


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Alexandra Muscaro is from Tampa, Florida, and moved to New York to follow her dreams. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts with a dual concentration in Performance as well as Theatre History and Performance Texts with a Minor in Musical Theatre at Marymount Manhattan College. When she’s not rehearsing, dramaturging a developing play, or studying for theatre history, you will find her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art…specifically the Egyptian exhibit. Or check your local coffee shop and you may find her with her nose in a book. You can visit her website at
Thumbnail: Photo by Emily Lei on Unsplash