Five Ways to Mix-up Your Wardrobe for Auditions

Written by Becky Keeshin

August 8, 2017

Feel like you’re wearing the same two outfits at every single audition? And no matter how long you stare at your closet, nothing else appears? (Beside the atrocity that is now your bedroom floor).  Here are a few ways to get creative with your audition fashion without spending a dime.

1. Add a jacket

It’s easy to throw on a jacket on top of your usual outfit. It may give you a different feel and that extra boost of confidence to rock your monologue and 32 bars.

2. Change out a skirt for pants or vice versa.

If you are starting to feel redundant in your go-to outfit, change up the bottom piece. And once you know what outfit works, you can continue to switch out tops and bottoms.

3. Tuck it in, tuck it out!

Try tucking in a shirt you usually wear out, or untucking that usual button down. You won’t know how something looks until you try it.

4. Change up patterns and colors.

Though it may seem scary, take a risk in what colors and patterns you are putting together. Of course you want to feel great and be confident, but who knows what could happen if you wear that outfit you always put on, but take off when you get nervous. Wear the mustard pants! Mix the polka-dots and the stripes! You might surprise yourself as a performer when you feel fabulous in your new and improved outfit.

Becky Keeshin is a Chicago-based actor. She is a recent graduate from The Theatre School at DePaul University where she earned her BFA in Acting. When not acting or writing, she enjoys vigorously scrapbooking and playing the ukulele.