“Did You Have Fun?” Audition Monologues for She Kills Monsters

Written by Amanda Grace

November 29th, 2020

Qui Nguyen’s 2011 play brings closure to a broken-hearted sister via a revealingly real round of Dungeons & Dragons. If you’re reading for a role in this fantastical romp, give these monologues a go.

Auditioning for Agnes

From Someone Sends Flowers by Angela Cerrito

25-year-old teacher Agnes Evans, Nguyen’s protagonist, is a pretty normal girl navigating an extraordinary situation—her sister’s untimely loss—in an extraordinary way. Return to the truth of Agnes’ situation with this speech delivered by a sister to her sibling’s grave. 

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Auditioning for Tilly

From The Reason I’m Single by Tara Meddaugh

15-year-old Tilley didn’t share the secret of her sexuality with Agnes before her fatal car crash. Allow her that moment in this sweet revelatory piece from Meddaugh, featuring Rebecca’s confession to her best friend/crush. 

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Auditioning for Miles

From Escape the Dark by John J. King

Though true to her, Agnes’ boyfriend experiences doubts about the future of their relationship. If you’re going for Miles, try this speech from The Boy Without Light on for size; it grapples with how one could possibly commit to love when endings are inevitable. 

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Auditioning for Orcus/Ronnie

From The Gist by Annie Wood

This old friend of Tilly’s becomes a TV-loving demon in her game world. Tap into Ronnie’s craze with this piece about a person who has fallen out of love with David Letterman. 

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Auditioning for Vera

From The Scream by DT Arcieri

Like a great many best friends before her, Vera absolutely hates Agnes’ boyfriend. Channel the energy she would adore to expel in this phone call delivered by Jane, who likes Bob… really. 

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Auditioning for Chuck

From A Klingon in Love by Tara Meddaugh

Chuck has the great power of introducing Agnes to Tilly’s world, and thus to her true self, through the magic of multiplayer role-playing. Convey your competency in geek culture with Arlen, whose poison of choice is Star Trek. 

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Auditioning for Lilith Morningstar/Lily

From Water Down by Debbie Lamedman

Tilly’s game-world girlfriend modeled on a real-life mate is a bit extra on the sex appeal. Balance out the Lilith’s leather-bound edge with this sweet sharing of a same-sex crush between best friends. 

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Auditioning for Kaliope Darkwater/Kelly

From The Very Bad Girl Scouts by John P. McEneny

Kaliope is a Dark Elf with legs for days and brawn to go with. This piece is a great opportunity to show off a bit of bad-girl bite through Pepper, a Girl Scout/evil genius. 

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Auditioning for the Narrator

From A Christmas Carol by Daris Howard

If you’re looking to be the Cate-Blanchett-esque voice that steers the audience through Agnes’ journey, try this soliloquy from the Dickens couple, who offer fantastical asides of their own throughout a play equally as mystical.  

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Auditioning for Steve

From Cuddles and Wacky and the Little Car byBarbara Lhota & Janet B. Milstein 

Steve is that one gaming friend who can’t seem to help from dying with every restart. Give the panel some comic misery with this piece about a clown whose career is starting to drive him just a bit crazy. 

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Auditioning for Farrah

From Unicorn by Douglas M. Parker

One of the bosses within Tilly’s game Agnes and the others must vanquish, this fairy inspires fear. Flip our notions of the magical on their heads with the Unicorn, who sets the human record straight on their kind. 

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Amanda Grace is an actor, writer, composer, improvisor and director whose work has graced stages from  Central Florida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is based in London, where she is studying to obtain her M.F.A. in Actor & Performer Training at Rose Bruford College. Amanda holds an honours B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Shakespearean Performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her original albums can be streamed at amandagrace.bandcamp.com.