5 of the Best Apps for Directors

Written by Ella Embry

January 24, 2020

Sure, it might be helpful to take a little Candy Crush break while suffering through tech rehearsals, but isn’t it time your phone did more than distract you? Here are the apps you need to turn your phone into your new favorite director’s tool. Unfortunately, while all of these apps are available on iOS devices, not all of them are available for Android users.

1. Band

Reason: Sure, you can have a Facebook group and email list and a group chat, but wouldn’t it be so much easier to have all of that in just one app? Band was initially designed for marching bands, but who’s to say you can’t use it for your show this season!
Description: Organize your group on BAND! It’s the perfect group communication app, with features like the Community Board, Shared Calendar, Polls, To-Do Lists, Private Chat & much more!

Find the App Here

2. Go Button

Reason: This app is perfect for school directors or community theatre directors who don’t have access to as many resources. It easily and conveniently keeps all of your music and sound effects and ques in one spot. You can sort and time them out according to the needs of your show – what’s not to love!

Description: Play music and sound effects for your live show! From the makers of QLab.

Find the App Here

3. Pocket Call Sheet

Reason: If you already have a format for your call sheets, great! If you don’t, say hello to your new best friend. You can fill out multiple different templates with this app for all of the projects that you’re currently working on. Pocket Call Sheet is perfect for someone who is either new to call sheets, wants to update their current format, or wants something fast and easy.

Description: With Pocket Call Sheet, you can simply and effectively create industry-standard digital call sheets for multiple productions.

Find the App Here

4. Line Notes for Actors & Crew


Reason: Say goodbye to thousands of sheets of paper and asking your ASMs to sort through all your notes and give them out to the right actors at the end of rehearsal. Now you can digitize all your feedback for your actors, technicians, and even yourself and easily get them to the right person right at the right time!

Description: Get Your Notes: After each rehearsal, you’ll receive your Line or Tech Notes customized just for you. The app will allow you to instantly and dynamically review your rehearsal Line or Tech Notes right on your iPhone or iPad.

Find the App Here

5. AP News

Reason: Staying informed in today’s fast-paced, global environment is crucial to all artists. While you may already have a preference for where you get your daily dish, the biggest names in news often offer commentary and opinions along with the details. Associated Press News is just the facts – that way you’ll know for sure what’s going on and can stay on top of any misleading information, grand accusations, or contradicting stories.

Description: Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news.

Find the App Here

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Ella Embry is currently a senior, honors student at the University of Southern Mississippi pursing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance. She is an actor, a playwright, and a Contributing Writer for PerformerStuff.com.