5 of the Best Apps for Actors

Written by Ella Embry

Janary 16, 2020

There are a lot of articles out there about how to optimize your phone for business, travel, or even to use it less. So here’s something for the actors to help you put your phone to work for your art! Unfortunately, while all of these apps are available on iOS devices, not all of them are available for Android users. 

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1. Scene Study

Reason: Memorizing lines by yourself can be difficult, especially if you rely on repetition with your scene partners to really get them down. This app is the answer! You can record your lines and your cue lines, or even ask your friends to record theirs for you and practice them whenever and wherever you want to. It’s perfect for helping you nail your scenes while on a road trip, doing chores, running errands, exercising, or just hanging out.

App Description: Scene Study is an incredibly easy way for actors to learn their lines, memorize scenes, and rehearse for theater and film productions. Created by actors for actors, Scene Study frees you from the script to start actively listening and responding in the scene. By recording your cues lines, you practice listening for them right along with recalling your own.

Find the App Here

2. Backstage

Reason: If you have a Backstage account to find audition opportunities near you, then having the app on your phone will make that even more accessible. You can do almost everything you can on the desktop version, including updating your profile, answering messages, sorting through applications, and searching casting calls for more opportunities. It’s a must-have for actors looking for work in their local area!
Description: The Backstage app lets actors, models, singers, and dancers find and apply to casting calls and auditions around the country. Browse and apply to productions on your iPhone!

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3. Actors Access

Reason: For those who are in bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, Actors Access is where you can find more professional casing calls. Some agencies will require you to have an account. While the app doesn’t have access to cMail yet, you can still apply to new casting calls and review your schedule auditions from the app. Having it on your phone will make sure that you never miss another opportunity.
Description: The fastest way for Actors Access Plus members to submit themselves to Casting. Use the app to get an edge over the competition.

Find the App Here

4. coldRead

Reason: Much like Scene Study, you can record your lines and practice your scenes by yourself anytime and anywhere with coldRead. The reason to have both apps is that coldRead can play recorded sides while you videotape an audition. No more waiting on someone to come and be your reader!
Description: coldRead is a smart, interactive app made for actors by an actor.

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5. AP News

Reason: Staying informed in today’s fast-paced, global environment is crucial to all artists. While you may already have a preference for where you get your daily dish, the biggest names in the news often offer commentary and opinions along with the details. Associated Press News is just the facts – that way you’ll know for sure what’s going on and can stay on top of any misleading information, grand accusations, or contradicting stories.
Description: Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news.

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Ella Embry is currently a senior, honors student at the University of Southern Mississippi pursing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance. She is an actor, a playwright, and a Contributing Writer for PerformerStuff.com