5 Major League Musicals About Different Sports

Written by Tatiana Rodriguez

August 1, 2017

While sports related musicals are less common than most, there are still several amazing shows that bring the thrill of the competition to the musical stage. Here’s a list of 5 big-time musicals that highlighted a variety of different sports!

1. Chess

A unique and highly acclaimed musical which centers around a Soviet-era chess tournament between two men, one American and one Russian, who find themselves part of an unrelenting love triangle. An allegorical tale, which uses the stakes of the game, to explore the complex relationships between lovers and rivals, during a particularly pressing time in history.

2. Rocky the Musical

Based on the classic film, this musical follows small time Philly Boxer Rocky Balboa, who fights for the chance of a lifetime, in order to qualify and compete against heavyweight champ Apollo Creed. A wound-up, energetic piece of musical theater, Rocky shows the world of boxing like no play ever has — pulling audiences deep into a world of high-stakes competition, and passion.

3. Damn Yankees

An old-fashioned musical comedy that retells the story of the Faust legend through the eyes of Joe Boyd, a baseball player who swears he’d sell his soul for a chance to be the home run hitter for his favorite baseball. A heartfelt musical, full enthusiasm and wit, Damn Yankees manages to reflect the spirit of the game while holding tight to the mysterious yet allusive magic that’s inside it.

4. The Beautiful Game

A lesser known musical, The Beautiful Game illuminates the story of a teenage football (soccer) team during The Troubles in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the late 1960’s. The show chronicles the lives of several players in order to address the political and religious violence, escalating throughout their community. A bold, and colorful work of historical fiction, this musical showcases the importance of community and compassion during periods of immense hardship.

5. Bring It On the Musical

Bring It On the Musical engages audiences as a high-spirited musical event which combines full-out cheer routines with contemporary and hip-hop inspired dance choreography. The plot, which follows two cheerleading teams rivalling for state victory, challenges its characters to view cheerleading as a place where new and diverse groups of people can work together to achieve victory.

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Tatiana Rodriguez is a student and a writer, currently studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she is working to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Theater, as well as a certificate in Multicultural Theater Practice. She is a stage manager, a playwright, and an aspiring director.