10 Tenor Audition Songs About Love, Relationships, and Breakups

Written by Tiffany Wilkie

January 9, 2019

Tenors! Explore this list of audition song suggestions about themes like love, relationships, and breakups for your next audition.

“It Just Wasn’t Meant to Happen: from Calvin Berger 

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“When the Booth Goes Bright” from Amélie

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“Twirler Girl” from Band Geeks

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 “Kiss the Air” from Dreaming Wide Awake

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“Women and Sandwiches” from Freaky Friday

 “The Kind of Guy I Am” from Gay Card

“Isn’t That Enough?” from Honeymoon in Vegas

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“You Never Know” from If/Then

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“The Lady Must Be Mad” from “Illyria”

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