10 Monologues From Characters Who Need to Apologize

Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie

December 6, 2016

We’ve chosen ten monologues for men and women from characters who are apologizing for something. These monologues are sure to fit auditions where well-rounded characters are needed. We’ve even included the links to where you can find the monologue on our site. Happy monologuing!

A monologue from La Cage Nue by Olivia Briggs

(Male, Dramatic, 30s)
Nathan has just accused Linda of demeaning herself by taking her clothes off for a living, and Linda, still angry for how he ended their tryst years ago, has just told him that she doesn’t need to justify herself to him.

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A monologue from Women of Choice by David Rush

(Female, Dramatic, 20s)
This standalone monologue is entitled “BARBARA, the Swimmer.” Barbara has been tossed overboard from a boat in the ocean along with other people who have already drowned, and she is currently trying to stay afloat while the ocean waves crash over her head. While she swims, she begs for the onslaught to stop; she also speaks to whatever entity will listen: her lover and God. She prays, she remembers her swimming skills, she recounts her large lungs and their capacity for air. Meanwhile, dark things are swimming toward her in the water, and her breath keeps getting shallower and shallower. She is on the precipice of either drowning or surviving.

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A monologue from John Singer Sargent and Madame X by Rosary O’Neill

(Female, Dramatic, 20s)
Amelie (24) begs forgiveness for her abortion.

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A monologue from Wild by Crystal Skillman

(Male, Dramatic, 20s- 30s)
Bobby has just tried to break up with his lover, Jordy; Jordy pulled a box cutter on him out of revenge. After Bobby disarms Jordy and Jordy leaves, Peter enters; he has been missing for a few hours, and Bobby couldn’t get ahold of him. Peter has been walking around, trying to make sense of his flailing relationship with Bobby. He and Bobby, also employees at at a firm, discover that they have just recently been fired for having an office relationship. In this monologue, Peter tells Bobby where he’s been and how his own infidelity with a woman named Nikki affected him so much.

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A monologue from The Princess of Caspia by Ricardo Soltero

(Male, Dramatic, 20s-30s)
Rhonda and Simon are having an affair. After Simon pushes Rhonda to end her marriage, she finally does. In this scene, she has just broken up with her husband, Dave. However, even after Simon has said he would break up with his wife, Taylor, he has not. This turn of events has left Rhonda without a husband and without a committed lover. Simon says he can’t leave Taylor just yet because he needs to save up some money. If he doesn’t, and he leaves her, he could lose everything.

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A monologue from HKFN: The Abbreviated Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Jeff Goode

(Male, Comedic, Teen)
The teen actor playing Huck in a production of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is uncomfortable with the language in the play. It’s rehearsal.

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A monologue from Warriors by Hayley Lawson-Smith

(Male, Dramatic, Teens- 20s)
Peter, in his final year of high school, has been given an essay to write as a disciplinary action; he beat up the boys who were bullying his little sister.

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A monologue from Herby Alice Counts Down To Yesterday by Nicole B. Adkins

(Male, Dramatic, Teen)
Herby Alice, early to mid-teens, isn’t the most popular kid at school, but he’s a science genius. He’s talking to aspiring reporter Rose, same age.

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A monologue from Monorail by Michael Wanzie

(Female, Serio-Comedic, 20s- 30s)
At this point in the play, Sister Joseph has just finished a musical tap number featuring the Pope.  We now cut to Rebecca midway through yet another exaggeration of her life’s accomplishments.  It is in this monologue that we see Rebecca break down.  In all her whimsical Southern Belle charm, we find out that she has actually been lying… about everything.

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Ashleigh Gardner received her AA in Theatre/Drama/Dramatic Arts from Valencia College and her Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Masters Degree in Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies from the University of Central Florida. She is a playwright and an actor.