8 Monologues from Characters Seeking Approval

Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie

December 6, 2016

Need a strong monologue for your upcoming audition? We’ve got monologues from characters who are looking for approval from a friend, a lover, or a person of authority. We’ve even included links to where you can find the monologues on our site. Happy monologuing!

A monologue from Cut by Crystal Skillman

(Male, Serio-Comedic, 20s)
Story editor Danno longs to successfully re-cut not only the final episode, but he also longs to edit the past making himself the hero of the story. Scene entitled, “Closing.”

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A monologue from Lockdown by Julia Edwards

(Female, Dramatic, Teens- 20s)
Lily, a.k.a. Crazy Lily, is one of a group of teens trapped in the library when her school goes into lockdown. While rumors that she hears Satan circulate, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

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A monologue from One Good Thing by Don Zolidis

(Male, Serio-Comedic, Teens- 20s)
Travis, 17, sweet, awkward, and a little bit bored, talks to the audience.

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A monologue from The Baseball King by Amelia Ross

(Male, Comedic, Teens- 20s)
Teenage David enters carrying a sign that reads, FREE COUNSELING WITH DAVID SHEPHERD. He never (ever) speaks. Phil Steen, the ultimate high school jock from a rival team, enters, making sure no one else sees.

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A monologue from Clay by Carol S. Lashof

(Male, Dramatic, Teens)
High school sophomore Will is dealing with his changing perception of his own cultural identity.

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A monologue from White Suits in Summer by Rosary O’Neill

(Female, Dramatic, 20s)
Susanne (25+) seduces her ex after her failed art opening.

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A monologue from Broadway or Bust by Rosary O’Neill

(Male, Comedic, 20s)
Johnny attacks the auditioner for his invasiveness.

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A monologue from Misterman by Enda Walsh

(Male, Dramatic, 30s)
His father’s grave, in Inishfree, a fictional small town in rural Ireland. The play tells the story of Thomas Magill, an Irishman. It is a one-man show in which other characters are played by Thomas himself or are played to us from tape recordings. Thomas lives in Inishfree, Ireland, a place, he says, whose ‘pure white soul [is] being stained by the bad’. Thomas is convinced that God has chosen him to bring salvation to his sinful neighbours, and as he goes about his daily business we meet them through his eyes. Here, Thomas, on his way to buying biscuits for his mother, has come to visit the grave of his dead father, former grocery-shop owner.

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Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie is the Director of Theatricals for PerformerStuff.com. She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.