Weird Stuff Your Family Says About Your Theatre Degree

Written by Leryn Turlington

January 11, 2017

1. “How did your try-outs go?”

Ahem. Auditions, you mean?

2. “Well, I mean, you can miss rehearsal for this. Those aren’t required anyway, right?”

Yeah, and pigs can fly.

3. “Do you have to be naked for this one?”

Actually a legitimate question.

4. “You’d be perfect for that TV show! Have you auditioned for it?”

You, see, the thing about it is….

5. “Good luck!”

Enough said.

6. “You’re in the industry, can you snag us some tickets to Hamilton?”


7. “Can you come home this weekend?”

Weekend? What weekend?

8. “That was interesting, but you’re going to be more like Kate Winslet right?”

Perhaps devised theatre isn’t for everyone.

9. “When you do this play, are you going to get any of those… what do you call them, Scooby snacks?”

One might say Thespian points are just as tasty and well-earned.

10. “Have you thought about getting some sort of specialized skill?”

Yes, it’s called play analysis, scansion, character development and ballet.

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Leryn Turlington is an interdisciplinary artist living in Chicago, IL. She has appeared on stage at the Drury Lane Theatre, Marriott Theatre and has participated in collaborative projects such as HybridSalon and cabarets around the city. She is represented by Paonessa Talent and is a proud graduate from Florida State University’s Musical Theatre program.