Top 10 Emotional Audition Cuts for Women: Anger

Written by Andrea Canny

June 19, 2017

Are you looking for a female audition cut packed with feeling? We’ve got ten below that are sure to help you show your angry side.

“You Don’t Know This Man” from Parade 

Cracking under the strain of the hounding press, Lucille shouts, in defense, the truth about the moral fiber of her husband.

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“Pretty Funny” from Dogfight

Realizing that the love she thought she had found with a soldier was nothing but a cruel game, Rose processes the intense emotions of hurt and anger.

“Show Me” from My Fair Lady

Trying to figure out where she feels best at home, Eliza Doolittle expresses her anger at Freddy’s inaction as far as his romantic intentions towards her.

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“Off With Their Heads” from Wonderland

A delusional Queen of Hearts shares her anger and deranged logic about supposed insubordination in this comedic piece.

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“That Horrible Woman” from A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder 

Fiercely competing for the love of Monty Navarro, Sibella & Phoebe proclaim their disdain for each other.

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“The Mad Hatter” from Wonderland 

The Mad Hatter has her plans in full motion to take over power of Wonderland and destroy anyone in her way.

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“Get Out and Stay Out” from 9 to 5 

Judy’s had enough of her abusive relationship and now declares her independence and new-found hope in this powerful piece.

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“Surabaya Santa” from Songs For A New World 

Mrs. Claus has finally had enough of Santa’s traipsing around the world whilst leaving her to fend for herself on the North Pole.

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“My Body” from The Life 

Prostitutes proclaim their personal power as they are tired of other people telling them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

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Andrea Canny is a professional entertainer (31 years), writer, director, producer, studio vocalist, vocal performance/cabaret coach, adjudicator as well as cabaret artist who is currently writing a book on integrity in the entertainment business.
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