5 Reasons to Read More Scripts!

Written by Ashleigh Gardner

March 10, 2017

No matter what anyone says, reading scripts isn’t boring. It isn’t boring! In fact, reading more plays can help you become better prepared for auditions, competitions, and class projects. Plus, you’ll be a better actor for knowing the kind of material that’s available to you! Below are five solid reasons you should read more plays — now!

1. It’ll help you learn about theatre, new and old.

Of course, theatre classes always start with the classics. They’re tried and true pieces of theatre that lay the foundation for global theatre today. But then there are tons of new plays coming out every day from different diverse voices around the world. Read more and you may read the play that may be the next hit on Broadway.

2. Reading increases your knowledge of the world around you.

Sure, we’re familiar with Arthur Miller and his characters’ struggles for the American Dream and personal identity, but what about the African experience or the feminist perspective? What about the dreams of LGBTQ youth? Look for plays that veer away from the topics you’re usually interested in. You’ll find it deeply rewarding.

3. You’ll learn what kinds of roles are available to your type.

When you read plays, you encounter characters from all different walks of life, but you’ll also find characters that you identify with. Ever have trouble playing that 80-year-old man you constantly come across in plays? Fear not! You’ll encounter that young teen or 20-something who fits your type perfectly if you keep exposing your eyes to new scripts.

4. If you like to write, you’ll discover new types of characters and dramatic devices.

Are you a playwright, too? It’s an old rule of thumb for writers that if you want to be a better writer, you should read more than you write. When you read more plays, you’ll discover more character types, conflicts, and dramatic questions from which to draw your own original ideas. (I stress original. As a writer myself, I consider plagiarism a cardinal sin.)

5. You’ll find great scenes to perform at competition.

As a bonus, the more plays you read, the more ideas you’ll have for scenes to perform at competition. Duets, small ensemble, or large ensemble scenes have to come from published scripts, so make sure you read, read, read to prepare yourself for the upcoming competition season!

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Ashleigh Gardner received her AA in Theatre/Drama/Dramatic Arts from Valencia College and her Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Masters Degree in Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies from the University of Central Florida. She is a playwright, an actor, and PerformerStuff.com’s Editor.