10 Ways to Make the Most of Peak Season as a Theme Park Performer

Written by Meghan Mitchell

February 15, 2017

Most performers in Orlando, LA, and other theme park capitols of the world, are working many, many jobs to pay the bills and to keep growing their skills. Peak season is the time of year when theme park performers can see all of their venues across town, usually clocking in at multiple parks on any given day.

So, if you’re a theme park performer, how do you keep fueled up and not burnt out during the busiest times of the year? It’s a delicate balance of taking time for yourself, enjoying the time you do have in each role (it may be awhile until you can spend time with that character onstage again!), and finding friendships and fun with your colleagues each and every day.

1. Enjoy every moment.

It should go without saying, but every day as a performer is a gift. Getting to sing/dance/act for a living is a gift that only few are allowed to enjoy. Savor every moment, no matter how busy it gets. Your day job IS your dream job!

2. Stay hydrated.

Nothing can drain you more, physically or mentally, than being dehydrated.  Whether it’s the middle of a hot, unforgiving summer, or flu season in the winter, to keep your voice and your body up to the workload demand, make sure you have enough liquid. If water is not enough, try Gatorade, Nuun drops, or sparkling water varieties to mix it up and keep the liquids flowing.

3. Find time for you.

Take a minute to step away from the hustle and bustle and find some time to meditate or take a bath.  Relaxation and recouping is exactly what our bodies need when working ourselves to the bone. Taking time to go to a yoga class or even just watching a TV show can help us reset—never forget to take time for you.

4. Enjoy the season.

Whether it’s Fourth of July, Easter, or the holidays, there are events happening all around to celebrate the season. Summer is a great time for music festivals, and winter has many festive markets and new and exciting shows to see (aside from the ones you are in), so don’t forget to enjoy them! We live in these bustling cities because there is so much to do, remember to have some fun and let loose every once in a while!

5. Spend time with friends.

We get so incredibly busy at peak times of year, and our friends are usually our outlet for fun, happiness, and sanity. Seeing the same people at work day in and day out is sometimes enough to make anyone a hermit. When you need to recharge and come back to your place of stasis, don’t forget to use your best resources around—your friends.

6. Rest when you can.

Eight hours of sleep may be hard to come by, but a good enough night’s sleep is a must in busy times to stay happy and healthy. No one likes being tired and irritated in the workplace, especially when working closely with guests and loved ones at these magical times of the year. Try turning off electronic devices 30 minutes before you want to sleep. Then, read for a minute, meditate, or journal—you will be able to fall asleep much more easily if you can relax from your day properly. And never underestimate the power of naps!

7. Ditch the sugar, eat healthy.

Although a cookie every now and then will keep your sugar levels in check, unnecessary carbs and sugar will weigh you down in these trying times. Whether it’s the holidays or someone’s birthday, sweets and extra treats are always in great supply. Make sure you have the nutrients to get through your day with no crash! Easy to pack snacks, like veggies and fruit with hummus and peanut butter, can keep sustainable energy going.

8. Find some good jams.

Finding a playlist to keep you going is essential. Whether it’s a favorite radio station in the car or a mix CD from your bestie, take time to listen to what moves you and keeps you energized for your day.

9. Find nuances in performance.

Spending day in and day out doing the same show upwards of 6 times a day can be arduous. With so much variety in the peak times of year, it is great time to find new acting moments, maybe work on a high kick or turn a double pirouette into a triple, or finally belt that ‘E’, There are always new skills to work on, and while we are working all the time, there is a certain stamina that can lead to new comfortability.

Meghan Mitchell is a working actor who graduated cum laude from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois with a B.A. in Musical Theatre. She loves Shakespeare and nightly fireworks, and after working regionally and on ships, she is now proud to call Orlando her home.