10 Solos for Kids and Tweens

Written by Tatiana Rodriguez

March 20, 2017

Ten years ago, it was nearly impossible to find a solo for young kids that wasn’t a song from Annie, Gypsy or Les Misérables. But over the last decade, Broadway has given us a wide variety of unique young characters to choose from. If you or your child needs a powerful solo to showcase their musical talent, here are 10 solos that give kids the opportunity to play characters that are more similar to themselves!

1. “Quiet” from Matilda the Musical (ages 7-11)

A precocious young girl with a love for books and school. Reflects upon the challenges of being neglected by her family and misunderstood by the world. Heartful, chilling and sweet.

Find the sheet music here.

2. “What If” from The Addams Family (ages 8-13)

A young boy sings about losing his relationship with his older sister. Comedic in its lyrics, this song follows the character of Pugsley as he talks about some of the family values which make The Addams Family so iconic.

Find the sheet music here.

3. “When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” from Finding Neverland (ages 10-13)

Originally a duet, this song captivates audiences with its heart and charm, singing about the novelties of childhood and how we grow. Soft, and subtle.

4. “The Lamest Place in the World” from 13 the Musical (ages 12-13)

Spunky and relevant, this solo captivates exactly how it feels to be a tween, stuck in a boring old town. Funny and endearing, with a touch of sass.

Find the sheet music here.

5. “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek the Musical (ages 8-13)

A refreshing take on your classic princess tale, (technically sung by a trio of people) this song works for a variety of ages. It follows a young princess Fiona through a number of years as she dreams about meeting her long lost Prince.

Find the sheet music here.

6. “Giants in the Sky” from Into the Woods (ages 10-13)

A new take on a classic, this song chronicles the story of Jack and the Beanstalk from the musical Into the Woods. Only in recent years has the song become more relevant for younger performers to take on.

Find the sheet music here.

7. “Alone in the Universe” from Seussical the Musical (ages 8-13)

An exciting song for younger auditionees, for the many options it presents. Telling the story of both Jojo and Horton from Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who, this duet displays a wide range and a heartfelt story.

Find the sheet music here.

8. “Good Girl Winnie Foster” from Tuck Everlasting (ages 10-13)

A quirky eleven-year-old girl wishes to explore the world. After years of listening to her mother’s rules, she imagines herself taking an exciting adventure to somewhere new.

9. “Electricity” from Billy Elliot the Musical (ages 10-13)

A catchy Elton John ballad that’s both inspirational and dynamic, complete with a really nice dance break and a memorable message.

Find the sheet music here.

Tatiana Rodriguez is a student and a writer, currently studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she is working to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Theater, as well as a certificate in Multicultural Theater Practice. She is a stage manager, a playwright, and an aspiring director.
Thumbnail: Photo by Tanalee Youngblood on Unsplash