10 Reasons Theatre Teachers Are The Unsung Heroes Of The School

Written by Tiffany Wilkie

August 30, 2017

A drama student knows that their favorite class is theatre, but what makes the class so great? The teacher! And with a new school year starting, what better way to celebrate than to lift the theatre teachers we admire and respect.

1. Inclusion

They teach the one class on campus in which all students can use their passions, from Biology to Broadway.

2. Confidence

They teach the one class that every student will leave with confidence and without a fear of speaking in public.

3. Relationships

They spend so much time with their students both in class and after school and weekends that they form lifelong bonds.

4. Thriftyness

They often create productions for their communities with little or no funding.

5. Caretakers

They take care of the school auditorium and often come in on weekends to run events that make their school’s additional income.

6. Life-Savers

They are often the reason their students come to school and, in some cases, graduate.

7. Change Lives

They both inspire and empower their students to actively pursue their dreams.

8. Night Owls

They are usually the last teacher to leave the school and personally know the janitors.

9. Connections

They give their students the ability to personally connect with one another in the 21st century.

Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie is the Director of Theatricals for PerformerStuff.com. She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.