10 Audition Tips to Give You an Edge in the Room

Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie

December 15, 2016

As the next season of auditions draws near, we present some helpful tips from casting director Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie to help you present your best self in the audition room.

1. Prepare your introduction.

Don’t throw it away. It is your first impression and usually sets the tone for how your performance will be.

2. Never apologize.

It weakens your presence in the room. Stand tall and strong.

3. Do a sound check.

If you are doing a musical event, please do a sound check. I don’t know how many kids I see skip ahead of or fall behind their track due to not being able to hear. Train a friend to be your sound, tech and use a program like Q-Lab to set the levels.

4. Look sharp.

Press your clothes, check for lint, and never wear perfume/cologne.

5. Be a friendly face.

Smile at the people behind the table. Remember that they are there because they like helping young people get better. Don’t let the fact that they are writing distract you. Often, I see kids start to act desperate when an auditor writes because they assume it is something negative when it could be something like, “I think you’re awesome”. On the same note, learn to take criticism with grace and humility. I’ve been acting since I was 5 and I still have much to learn. Be a forever seeker of knowledge regarding your craft.

6. Be polite.

If you are stalled, don’t be afraid to engage in friendly banter with an auditor before your event starts. We are people just like you. You would be surprised how relaxed seeing us that way will make you feel once you’ve engaged in conversation.

7. Relax!

Speaking of being relaxed, relax!! I don’t know how many kids I see on the verge of tears or shaking in my presence. Rehearsal is the work and performance is the reward. Once you start to see competition like this, you will banish the fear and conquer the room.

8. Warmup, warmup, warmup!

Just do it.

9. Have fun!

You would be surprised how many people auditioning look like they are having a horrible time because of a minor flub or mistake. It’s live theatre, it happens, it’s not going to be perfect, so don’t let it throw you. Use your mistake; it could be a happy accident.

Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie is the Director of Theatricals for PerformerStuff.com. She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.