Top 7 Strange Things Thespians Secretly Do

Written by Alex Cumming

September 1, 2016

As theatre people, we all have things we do in private. Namely…

1. Running your lines to inanimate objects.

They make great scene partners (since they can’t judge you for forgetting a line).

2. Counting the number of lines you have in a show.

Gotta be certain our character gets their due stage time.

3. Giving 110% when your bestie and/or crush is watching.

Because you gotta slay when it really matters.

4. Checking yourself out in your new costume.

Because that new suit looks FAB-U-LOUS. Right, Obama?

5. Casually stalking cast-mates on social media.

It’s always nice to know what kind of talent you’re surrounded by.

6. Getting over-excited when you’re given a new prop.

Ain’t nobody gonna touch it…except me.

7. Devoting every waking moment to fantasizing about the show.

You know, in your heart of hearts, this show is going to be amazing. And even if you’re a little bit obsessed, it’s for a noble purpose, right?

Alex Cumming is a senior in high school along with being a local stand up comedian and improviser.
Thumbnail: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash