Top 12 Shakespeare Characters You Meet in High School

Written by Gian Perez

October 11, 2016

Everybody knows Shakespeare — and everybody knows they’ve met people in high school who are exactly like the characters in his plays.

Romeo/The Player

You know that guy who falls for every girl? And every girl falls for him? ROMEO.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth/The Power Couple

The quarterback. The head cheerleader. Everyone loves them, but you know they’ve got some secrets.

King Lear/The Stressed Senior

This is the guy who still worries about his homework even though he has none at the end of the school year. He is freaking out about graduation.

Juliet/The Drama Queen

She says she’s going to marry her boyfriend she’s been dating for about a week. This is the girl that takes it too far. Toooooo far.

Hamlet/The Drama King

He’s always upset about something. Always talking about himself and his drama. Loves theatre.

The Nurse/Your Favorite Teacher

She’s always got your back and she loves you to pieces. This is the teacher you come to for advice on anything.

Puck/Your Ambiguously Gay Best Friend

You never know if they’re into you or into the male lead, but you’re best friends no matter what.

Katherina/The Bitter Senior

She’s bitter she never got a lead role during senior year.

Ophelia/The Musical Theatre Nerd

She’s obsessed with musicals, a little bit nuts, and she sings at every opportunity. But she’s sweet and generous. (Hey nonny nonny and a ha-cha-cha.)

Dogberry/The Passionate Stage Manager

They’re adamant about being listened to. And for good reason.

Othello/The Jock

He’s a football player with a heart of gold, and he loves theatre, but he’s a little confused about everything.

The 3 Witches

Need I say more?

Gian Perez is a freshman Acting major at the University of Michigan. He loves art more than he loves food.
Thumbnail image from Romeo + Juliet. Copyright © 20th Century Fox 1996.