Opening a Musical: As Told In SpongeBob GIFs

Written by Rob Ward

September 13, 2016

Auditions are terrifying.

Once they’re done, you check non-stop for the cast list.

It was worth the wait. You got the part you wanted!

Now it’s time for your first vocal rehearsal.

And of course choreography rehearsal.

Choreography may be exhausting, but your legs are so in shape.

As rehearsals move forward, you try everything to get off book.

Along the way, you share backstage inside jokes with cast and crew.

It all starts to feel real after the costume parade.

But before the show can open, you have to survive tech week.

During tech week, you learn how to live on 45 minutes of sleep per night.

But if you survive it, it’s time for opening night!

Hopefully the run of the show is a smashing success.

And when the show closes, you’ll be sad to see it end.

But the friendships you made while putting this show together will stay with you forever.

Rob Ward is a freelance show writer and director and a resident improv performer and instructor at Orlando’s SAK Comedy Lab.
Thumbnail image from Spongebob SquarepantsPhoto copyright Nickelodeon Studios.