Hamilton vs. Pokémon

Written by D.J. Paradis

August 3, 2016

The power of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton meets the the power of Pokémon! Check out our comparisons below for an all-in-one Hamilton / Pokémon lesson. “Alexander Hamilton, I choose you!”

James Reynolds and Hypno

Maria Reynolds and Jynx

Hercules Mulligan and Machoke

Marquis de Lafayette and Lapras

The Schuyler Sisters and Dugtrio

Angelica Schuyler and Tangela

Eliza Schuyler and Kangaskhan

Peggy Schuyler and Bulbasaur

King George and Kingler

George Washington and Pidgeot

Thomas Jefferson & James Madison and Slowbro

Aaron Burr and Farfetch’d

Phillip Hamilton / John Laurens and Growlithe

Alexander Hamilton and Arcanine

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