Broadway Stars: They’re Just Like You

Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie

September 29, 2016

Ever feel like Broadway stars are gods, seemingly created from some kind of immortal material that makes them so perfect they’re practically…non-human? We feel you. But really? They’re just like you.

They don’t like the outdoors.

They feel inferior next to their shirtless friend.

They make out with their best friends.

They get stressed.

They’re super friendly.

They have a band.

They whip their hair back forth.

They’re awkward in class.

They drink tea on the subway.

They don’t always look where they’re going.

They get itchy.

They take selfies.

They have to find the right pose for the photo.

They dislike certain foods.

They get embarrassed by their friends.

Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie is the Director of Theatricals for She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.