10 Reactions You’ll get from Telling Someone You’re a Theatre Major

Written by Alex Cumming

July 23rd, 2019

1. “What’s your backup plan?”

Not all theatre people want a day job of A/C repair

2. “What’s your actual job going to be?”

“Cleaning toilets!”, Is that what you wanted to hear?

3. “You can make money doing that?”

It’s 2019, you can make money doing anything!

4. “Can you do a monologue for me?”

Would you ask a painter to paint you a picture?

5. “I wish my classes were as easy as yours “

I’m sure you do

6. “Don’t they all end up working in restaurants?”

Sure, like all engineers end up working in cubicles

7. “Your parents let you do that?”

Did your parents have an issue with you basket weaving major?

8. “You need a degree for that?”

Sometimes people just don’t get it

9. “How can you use that in the real world “

The same way you use a business degree

10. “What could they teach you?”

What do you think they teach?

11. “That’s really cool, I wish you all the best”

Sometimes people can be pretty cool