Performer Stuff Presents “In the Holding Room” Industry Podcast Episode 15

Written by: Christiaan Abbott

May 13th, 2021

Performer Stuff continues with episode 15 of the podcast “In the Holding Room.” The podcast, hosted by Christiaan Abbott, features industry insiders and Broadway professionals to help you crush your next audition! New episodes drop on Performer Stuff every Wednesday.

Episode Summary

Daniel Therrien, an American citizen, has spent the past 20 years traveling the world and talks us through some of the international auditions he has experienced. “Thank You 5” this week is about some common mistakes made on your headshots and resumes. “Professor’s Corner” features the world-renowned West End star Ria Jones giving us tips on the rehearsal process and getting “Into the bones of a character.”

Intro to this Episode

In this episode of “In The Holding Room,” we are joined by performer Daniel Therrien. He has performed all over the world. From multi-million-dollar production shows in Las Vegas to Off-Broadway in Journey to the West. He has performed in Chicago in New Zealand, Wicked, Tap Dogs, and in Mystic Rhythms in Japan. He has also appeared in the German productions of Starlight Express, West Side Story, Cats, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He truly goes where the work is and has traveled the world on someone else’s dime. He dishes out some great advice based of his experience of not only going through so many auditions for amazing shows but also being on the other side of the table hiring performers.

In “Thank you 5,” this week, I talk about some common mistakes people make on their resumes and with their headshots. You may think they are innocent or no big deal, but you could lose all credibility if you make them.

Ria Jones is back, and this time she is in “Professor’s Corner.” I had such an amazing interview with her, and she covered so much material that what I didn’t put into the “Performer Spotlight” segment in Episode 13, I put into this segment. With so much experience in some of the biggest shows in the world, she has amazing advice on the rehearsal process, fighting your nerves, and not being afraid to ask questions.

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