33 Contemporary Male/Female Duets for Competition: Part 2

Written by Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie

July 20, 2016

Here is part two of “33 Contemporary Male/Female Duets for Competition”. In the previous story we shared numbers 1-17. Enjoy numbers 18-33 below!

18. “One Second and a Million Miles” from Bridges of Madison County

Characters: Robert, a photographer, and Francesca, an immigrant housewife.
Relationship: Francesca meets Robert as he is photographing historic bridges; they begin an affair while her husband is away.
Story: Robert asks Francesca to run away with him, and she considers leaving her family.

19. “The Temp and the Receptionist” from Homemade Fusion

Characters:  An unnamed temp worker and the unnamed receptionist at the office where he’s been placed.
Relationship:  Co-workers.
Story:  The eponymous temp and receptionist reveal their mutual attraction to each other.

20. “A Stud and a Babe” from I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Characters: Jason and Julie
Relationship: Jason and Julie are on a date.
Story: As the date awkwardly progresses, both Jason and Julie wish they were more attractive and confident, eventually realising that they are perfect for each other as they are.

21. “All the Wasted Time” from Parade

Characters: Leo and Lucille Frank.
Relationship: Husband and wife.
Story: Leo Frank is falsely convicted of the rape and murder of Mary Phagan and sentenced to death.  His sentence is commuted to life in prison following his appeal, thanks largely to the efforts of his wife.  He sings of his love for his wife and how much he underestimated her.

22. “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George

Characters: George (George Seurat and Dot’s great-great grandson) and Dot.
Relationship: A struggling artist and his great-grandmother.
Story: George is a contemporary artist who finds he lacks connection to his art and his life.  While reading a book he inherited from his grandmother, a vision of his great-grandmother appears, singing to him as if he were his great grand-father.  He confides his doubts and she advises him to stop worrying and move on.

23. “Therapy” from Tick Tick…. Boom

Characters: Jonathan and Susan.
Relationship: A struggling composer and his girlfriend.
Story: Jonathan wants to write musicals; his girlfriend Susan wants to leave New York and raise a family.  They argue, passive aggressively, at their weekly therapy session.

24. “Baptize Me” from Book of Mormon

Characters: Elder Cunningham and Nabulungi.
Relationship: Mormon missionary and young African convert-to-be.
Story: Elder Cunningham, who has never actually read The Book of Mormon, finds himself left alone in Africa to convert the tribal populace.  Left to his own devices, he invents wild stories drawn from fantasy and science fiction in his attempt to preach the Book of Mormon, and convinces the community to be baptized.  Nabulungi will be his first, and she is just as eager to be baptized as he is to baptize her.

25. “The World of Your Body” from Spring Awakening

Characters: Wendla and Melchior.
Relationship: School mates and childhood friends.
Story: While picking flowers, Wendla meets Melchior in the lea. They share a moment reminiscing about their childhood, and wonder what it would be like to give in to their physical desires for each other.

26. “As Long as You’re Mine” from Wicked

Characters: Elphaba and Fiyero.
Relationship: Secret lovers.
Story: Elphaba has loved Fiyero since they met at Shiz University, but she is an outcast due to the colour of her skin. When she is invited to meet the Wizard, she thinks she’s finally being recognised for her true inner worth, but when she realises it’s all a sham, she flees.  Fiyero and the guards chase her, but Fiyero realises he admires Elphaba and helps her escape. Both are taken aback by the depth of their mutual feelings toward each other.

27. “First Impressions” from First Date the Musical*

Characters:  Aaron and Casey.
Relationship:  Two singles on a blind date.
Story:  Aaron and Casey have been set up by Casey’s sister Lauren and brother-in-law Kevin. As the date begins, they start by asking questions of each other. The song is a pair of inner-monologues that accompany the dialogue in the scene. (Be aware that this piece has adult language.)

28. “Time Stops” from Big Fish

Characters: Edward and Sandra (Templeton) Bloom.
Relationship: Eventual spouses.
Story: Sandra is auditioning to join the circus, where Edward first sees her.  Another pair of inner monologues as each sings of their attraction to the other.

29. “Something to Believe In” from Newsies

Characters: Jack and Katherine.
Relationship: Striking Newsie and reporter/publisher’s daughter.
Story: Jack has been leading a Newsies (newspaper delivery boy) strike that has crippled the business of published Joseph Pulitzer, whose daughter, wishing to establish herself as a reporter, covers the story. After Pulitzer bribes Jack to abandon the strike and leave New York, Katherine confronts him and each confess that the other has given them “something to believe in.”

30. “In Whatever Time We Have” from Children of Eden

Characters: Yonah and Japheth.
Relationship: Japheth is the third son of Noah; Yonah is the local girl he chooses to bring onto the Ark.
Story: Yonah is a local girl who bears the “mark of Cain”; as the time of the flood approaches and the family gather partners, Japheth chooses Yonah. His family disapproves, and she believes God disapproves, and wants her to be killed in the flood. Japheth protests that God must be wrong and sings of his love for her. She is overcome and declares her love for him and her willingness to stay on his terms, regardless of the outcome.

31. “The Color of Your Eyes” from Daddy Long Legs

Characters: Jerusha Abbott and Jervis Pendleton.
Relationship: Orphan girl and anonymous benefactor.
Story: Jerusha has been given a full scholarship to college by a benefactor who wishes only to remain anonymous, and for Jerusha to write to him about her progress.  Jervis, her anonymous benefactor arranges to meet her, under the pretence that he is there to meet his niece.  Jerusha is drawn to Jervis, but also becomes more curious about her secret benefactor.

32. “Now” from Doctor Zhivago

Characters: Yuri Zhivago and Lara Guisher.
Relationship: Doctor and nurse.
Story: During the February Revolution in 1917, Zhivago enlists Lara’s aid to help tend to the wounded.  They work together in a field hospital for six months but part, as Zhivago remains faithful to his wife Tonya.  While apart, the two write of their love for each other.

33. “I Can See Him Now” from Calvin Berger

Characters: Matt and Rosanna.
Relationship: High school students.
Story: Yet another pair of internal monologues, as pretty Rosanna and new kid Matt sing of their yearning to find someone special.  They meet for a few brief lines of dialogue together before returning to their individual spotlights to continue their inner monologues in song.

Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie is the Director of Theatricals for PerformerStuff.com. She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.
Christopher Leavy is a music director, accompanist, vocal coach, actor and musical theatre historian whose professional career spans over 40 years and more than 100 shows.  When not immersed in musical theatre, Chris enjoys travel, cooking, world history and the Eurovision Song Contest.  He lives in Orlando, FL with his husband and their cat.
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