Top Song Suggestions for Quirky Female Belters

Written by Tiffany Wilkie

March 1, 2018

If you’re a quirky female character actor searching for the perfect belting song, we’ve got 14 that are perfect for you!

1. “When He Sees Me” from Waitress

Dawn, who has never had a boyfriend before and has recently begun filling out an online dating profile. Dawn’s profile soon yields a response, and she sets a five-minute date for the following night, clearly nervous but excited about the encounter.

Get the sheet music here.

2. “I Think I Want to Remember Today” from Starting Here, Starting Now

Two women have now met the same man and are hopelessly falling for him. In this song, they both rationally describe how they feel (unaware, of course, of each other) and gradually become more excited and less in control.

3. “You’ve Got Possibilities” from It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman

Sydney, Max’s pet secretary, she has developed a crush on Clark Kent and vainly attempts to change his square personality.

Get the sheet music here.

4. “A Day With Julia” from The Last Resort

A woman sings about what it’s like to spend the day with her quirky twin sister.

5. “There’s a Fine, Fine, Line” from Avenue Q

When Kate catches Christmas Eve’s wedding bouquet, Princeton panics, confesses a fear of commitment, and asks Kate if they can just be friends. Kate retorts that she already has plenty of friends, and breaks off their relationship.

Get the sheet music here.

6. “Screw Loose” from Cry Baby

Lenora sings about being in love with Cry Baby while having a few issues that she’s ok with it.

7. “In Short” from Edges

A young woman sings about what she would like to do to her ex after a breakup.

Get the sheet music here.

8. “Live Out Loud” from A Little Princess

Sara Crewe protests that her father’s instructions were that she was not to be punished. Sara is forbidden to speak to anyone without permission. Once the monstrous headmistress leaves, Sara vents her frustration.

9. “Raise the Roof” from The Wild Party

Queenie radiates beauty and confidence, but Burrs preys on other women. He makes his move on their youngest guest, Nadine and despite her casual reprimand of his behavior, Queenie wants to hurt Burrs in return.

Get the sheet music here.

10. “Blue Hair” from The Black Suits

A young girl laments about why she is dying her hair blue.

11. “Joey Is A Punk Rocker”

A quirky girl sings about why she is in love with a punk rocker.

12. “Someday” from The Wedding Singer

Julia Sullivan sings about how she can’t wait to get married.

Get the sheet music here.

13. “All of My Friends” from Good Enough for Now

A woman sings about how everyone cheats on everyone.

Tiffany Weagly-Wilkie is the Director of Theatricals for She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.

Thumbnail image copyright Joan Marcus.