An Open Letter To Theatre Teachers at The End of the School Year

Written by Tiffany Wilkie

May 1, 2019

Send to a theatre teacher you are thankful for this year.

1. Thank you for your time.

While most teachers go home after school and spend weekends with family and friends, you are often the last to leave and work most weekends doing shows and festivals.

2. Thank you for your heart.

You care so much for every student in your class, and it shows. 

3. Thank you for your expertise.

You wear many hats. You are expected to be an expert in theatre education, in addition to running an amateur theatre company.

4. Thank you for your commitment.

Your commitment, dedication, and passion are evident during the many hours you spend in after-school rehearsals, shows, parent conferences, drama club meetings, competitions, counseling, fundraisers, and so much more. Most of the time, you are not compensated for your additional hours worked.  

5. Thank you for inspiring your students.

You can see the diamonds in the rough, and YOU inspire students to believe in themselves — the self-confidence instilled from your training will last a lifetime.

Tiffany Wilkie is the Director of Social Media Marketing and Content for She received a B.A. in Theatre Arts (with a concentration in Communication and Theatre) from Mars Hill University and an additional  B.A. in Education (with concentrations in Theatre Arts 6-12 and ESOL K-12)  from the University of Central Florida. Tiffany is a teacher, marketing guru, director, and casting producer.