The 7 Stages of Going to a Fitting

Written by Ella Embry

December 18, 2017

We all love that odd combination of nervousness and excitement that follows you as you go to a fitting. Will it fit well? Will it look good? Will you and the costume designer get along? Here are the 7 stages of going to a fitting and finally trying on your costume!

1. Excitement that it’s finally happening

You’ve read the character description and dreamed of what you’ll be wearing and now you finally get to find out!

2. Rushed panic to get there on time

Oh no. You lost track of time and now you have to SPEED WALK SO YOU’RE NOT LATE.

3. Awkwardly waiting while you’re trying to find the right person to talk to

Maybe they’re someone else in the fitting room… or maybe you just don’t know who the costume designer is yet. Either way, this is a little awkward.

4. Sheer joy (or horror) of getting to see your costume for the first time

It’s everything you could have dreamed of and more…

5. Carefully changing clothes so you don’t flash anyone

Sure there’s a privacy curtain but you want to make doubly sure nothing embarrassing happens.

6. Uncomfortably asking for help when something inevitably doesn’t fit quite right

Well, it looks like you’re being pinned in instead of zipped in – here’s hoping none of the pins come undone and stab you.

Ella Embry is currently a senior, honors student at the University of Southern Mississippi pursing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance. She is an actor, a playwright, and a Contributing Writer for